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Thread: Do I have a bad Warp?

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    rtm Guest

    Default Do I have a bad Warp?

    Intermittently one of our Warp devices hangs during boot. I hooked up a serial connect to see where it was hanging.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I send this one back to PIKA?

    Here is the snip of the boot information until the point where it hangs, fan going full speed and stays there.

    U-Boot 1.3.0-65 (Feb 9 2009 - 15:51:21)

    CPU: AMCC *****PC 440EP Rev. C at 533.333 MHz (PLB=133, OPB=66, EBC=66 MHz)
    I2C boot EEPROM enabled
    Bootstrap Option H - Boot ROM Location I2C (Addr 0x52)
    , PCI async ext clock used 32 kB I-Cache 32 kB D-Cache

    Board: PIKA Embedded Appliance
    I2C: ready
    DRAM: 256 MB
    ### Press 'p' to enter POST ###: 0
    FLASH: 4 MB
    NAND: 256 MiB
    In: serial
    Out: serial
    Err: serial
    Protected 4 sectors

    FPGA download...complete.

    FPGA code revision

    Net: ppc_4xx_eth0

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    skar Guest

    Default Update u-boot to fix it

    PIKA has released a patch version of u-boot to correct this problem. You can retrieve it here:

    This file should be burnt using the instructions here under "Using the Warploader" section.

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    rtm Guest


    Thank you, after the update I can't replicate the problem anymore.

    skar, I have a few questions:

    1. How can I query the u-boot version on a running Warp? (We have multiple Warp devices at remote sites with no physical access)
    2. What page should I watch for new u-boot and other firmware versions? (I upgrade PADS semi-regularly, was the u-boot update hidden in there?)
    3. How many u-boot versions in the past also have this same booting issue?

    Thanks for your time.

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    skar Guest


    The answers to your questions:

    1. There is no way to get the version of u-boot without attaching a serial cable and watching it boot. This is being investigated as a feature we will add in the future.
    2. The warp page here, would be the best. This update was not posted because there was only one customer experiencing the issue. However there were two this week so a Notice will be posted soon on the web page. New WARPs ordered from PIKA will also come with it default installed before the end of this month (June 09).
    3. This issue seems to be part of the 1.3.0-65 u-boot revision. The previous one, 1.3.0-62 was okay as were any before that.

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