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Thread: How to use PIKAFlash( ) to generate a hookflash on the Warp

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    epretlac Guest

    Default How to use PIKAFlash( ) to generate a hookflash on the Warp

    There are 2 ways to generate hookflash on the Warp:

    1. You can generate a hookflash via the dialplan, something like this:

    exten=> s,1,PIKAFlash()
    exten=> s,n,Dial(...)

    In this scenario, you might have an Asterisk IVR (performing auto attendant) connected to a legacy PBX. Outside callers reach the Asterisk IVR and then can be transfered to internal extensions on the legacy PBX using a hookflash.

    2. The user can generate a hookflash. In the pika.conf, for example, there are the settings:


    Then when the end user dials "##", a hookflash is generated at the PSTN side of the call.

    Eric Pretlac
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    joffreyb Guest

    Question With FreePBX

    Would you have a sample of how to program this into a Warp device with FreePBX ?
    AND!! How can this be activated or used via Asterisk API ?

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    Unfortunately this functionality is not directly available in FreePBX. If attempting to use the first described scenario, it has to be manually added to the dialplan. (An example would be adding a hookflash when extension X was dialed through a main IVR. In this case, in the '/etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf' file you would locate the IVR context and upon receiving X add the 'exten=> ..., PikaFlash()' rule in the dialplan to generate a hookflash.)

    As for the second described scenario, if setup correctly in pika.conf anytime an extension dials '##' it will perform a hookflash to the PSTN.

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