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Thread: Voice skiping in continuous recording -Prime net card 60 port

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    Amit Pal Guest

    Default Voice skiping in continuous recording -Prime net card 60 port

    According to my client most of the recording file having call skipping problem, Call Skipping means (e.g if I am saying " the work u are doing is best" then on recording file I listen this " the work doing is best").
    so in that case some of usefull information is left to record.

    I am using Prime net card . so why is this problem occur, for this Is any hardware setting required or any problem in hardware.

    Please provided me solution asap.

    Amit Pal

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    eurovoice Guest


    It sounds as if your application is not correctly processing the recording buffers as they become available. Do you have code to check for buffer underrun errors? If not, enable Pika low level logging and check for errors.

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    rboileau Guest


    As a follow-up it appears that this issue has been resolved by increasing the buffer size.

    Typicall if there is choppy audio, then the following debug methods are tried first.

    a) Looking the API log files for PK_EVENT_AUDIO_RECORDING_BUFFER_OVERFLOW or Underuns

    b) If the PC is going to 100% or high CPU for long durations in effect starving the PIKA drivers from running. Possibly because the PC is not fast enough or an application like "Anti Virus full Scan" is running or a big database search.

    c) Problems writing to the hard disk

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