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Thread: What do I need to buy?

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    norvik Guest

    Default What do I need to buy?

    I am interested in your WARP (live long and prosper!) but I don't know exactly how to configure it, my needs are:
    a) up to 8 PSTN analog lines (may be less in future)
    b) up to 3 VOIP lines (may increase in future)
    c) Up to 20 internal extensions (no soft phones)
    c) Possibility of installing Warp in smaller branches for direct IP communication between branches.

    Please let me have your recommendation.

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    reformed Guest


    Hi Carlos,

    You're in the right place!
    Warp has number of graphical user interfaces to help you started.

    The is FreePBX as well as Asterisk GUI.

    All of them have great howto's to help you get started.
    If you have never used asterisk PBX or any of the above mentioned GUI interfaces i recommend you contact your local Asterisk professional to help you implement Warp appliance in your environment.

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    Hi Carlos,

    The Warp sounds perfect for the type of configuration you listed.
    List of Configuration options can be found here:

    The Warp base unit and the modules are sold separately. So you can mix and match as you need on a deployed site basis. You can also field upgrade a unit as needed.

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