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Thread: ELDK 4.2 support

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    raysenez Guest

    Default ELDK 4.2 support

    What are the plans to upgrade PADS to ELDK version 4.2?

    Currently it's at 4.1 however there are components of 4.2 that we need.


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    agauthier Guest

    Default ELDK 4.2 support

    We are intending to updgrad to ELDK 4.2 in the short term.

    Which package are you interested in?

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    raysenez Guest

    Default ELDK 4.2

    I was interested in using curl as an alternative to wget as it supports https
    requests. I've since switched to using gnu wget and was able to compile it
    under the existing release of PADS which uses 4.1, so for now I'm in no rush to switch the 4.2 version of ELDK.

    Thanks for the consideration.

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