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Thread: Can Warp register (SIP) with an extension number?

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    johnq Guest

    Default Can Warp register (SIP) with an extension number?

    I have two different SIP accounts with the same VoIP provider. The only difference is the extension number. Using the GUI 2-2 it looks like the correct place to add the details for my SIP accounts is "Trunks>VOIP Trunks". The GUI data entry form includes a box for inputting the extension number, but the registration it makes with the provider uses "s" and not the extension number to register itself. This means that incoming calls from the VOIP service provider look identical irrespective of which extension was called. To be technical about it, the Request URI on the INVITES is sent to s@mywarp_address and the only place that you can see which extension it should go to is in the "To header". This means that I cannot have different Incoming Calling Rules for the two different SIP accounts because those rules only look at the R-URI and they do not look at the To-header. The problem comes from the registration request that Warp sends to my provider - the provider is just sending back INVITES to the destination as given in the registration.

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    agauthier Guest

    Default Can Warp register (SIP) with an extension number?

    You can try registering multiple accounts (2 different trunks) to the same provider and then he will be able to define 2 different rules for the incoming calls and route them accordingly.
    I am just afraid that you are correct with respect to headers, so basically both calls will go to the trunk (extension) which has registered last...

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