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Thread: Asterisk GUI 2 status?

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    alexk Guest

    Default Asterisk GUI 2 status?

    Hi, I noticed in a few Google searches regarding the warp that sometime in 2008, there was a beta of some sort for the asterisk 2 GUI available for the box, but now there doesn't seem to be any information on it, and the post has since been deleted.

    Can anyone tell me the status of this project? From what I saw, the A2 GUI looked really slick, light-years ahead of the current FreePBX implementation. Does anyone have more info on this?

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    skar Guest

    Default No longer supported

    We dropped support for the Asterisk GUI 2 a while back. We were following a trend that more and more systems were moving to using FreePBX. In fact, Digium's own AsteriskNow project dropped their own Asterisk GUI2 to use FreePBX as the default GUI. Their quick start guide on using AsteriskNow only mentions FreePBX.


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    alexk Guest


    Hmm, that's a shame, I always thought the Asterisk GUI looked much better put-together than FreePBX. Part of what I hoped to accomplish with a VoIP PBX was to build a low-maintenance device (embedded hardware, straightforward GUI) that could be easily picked up by future administrators...

    Oh well, here's hoping that FreePBX gets more UI-consistent down the line, it's rather confusing at the moment IMHO. This is no slight to Pika of course.

    One last question, did the "why" of Asterisk GUI's deprecation ever get answered? After reading the AA50 appliance manual, it looked really well put-together.

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    skar Guest

    Default Not sure why

    I agree with you that the Asterisk GUI2 was a cleaner, easier to use interface. If all you needed was to configure a basic IVR then it was great. On the flip side though, FreePBX has a lot more features.

    It also uses a plug in architecture where you can write your own modules and just load them into the existing GUI. While doing this you can still maintain compatibility with FreePBX and get all of their updates as they are released. With GUI 2, this was hard to do. To make changes to it you had to change the code base (html) and then this made patching it difficult. Every time you wanted to do a code update you needed to download their new code set, do a diff, patch your changes back in. This made maintaining it more difficult.

    As to why Digium seems to have put it on the back burner, I am not sure.

    There are some other smaller cleaner GUI for asterisk out there as well. If you find one you like, post it so we can see what other options customers are interested in.


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    dfletcher Guest


    Asterisk.Now 1.7 comes with the option of FreePBX or Asterisk GUI. I learned asterisk with raw conf files, and I much prefer the gui to freePBX.

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