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Thread: G729 codec on WARP appliance

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    voxter Guest

    Default G729 codec on WARP appliance

    Hey guys,

    As we operate in a primarily 100% g.729 based network, I'm curious if there are technical limitations preventing the g729 codec being available on the WARP? For the most part we run completely in passthru mode, but there are some things like WAV voicemail attachments and some other small things that do require a transcode to occur.

    If i can compile a PPC binary for g729, and license it, should it work?


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    There are no technical limitations of running the g729 codec on the Warp.

    And theoretically a compiled PPC binary for g729 will run on the Warp. But there are some things to keep in mind: a) the binary can not be Intel Performance Primitive (IPP) based and b) the binary would need to make use of the proper gcc and glibc versions that the Warp toolchain uses.

    Additionally, I would however caution as the current processor on the Warp appliance would likely only be able to support 4-6 ports of simultaneous g.729 instances.

    g729 passthrough is certainly possible.

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    voxter Guest


    Absolutely. I'm not interested in transcoding on the appliance, but there are circumstances in which running in g729 passthru mode with no transcoder hurt you - for example, if people want a WAV attachment emailed to them (or rather, anything BUT a g729 attachment) from their voicemail, a transcode is required.

    Its more just having it available for quick small tasks where passthru falls short of being able to complete a task.

    Do you know if anyone has compiled the g729 codec (even the free one, I'm still just testing mine out in the lab) for the warp?

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    Default G729 codec on WARP appliance

    We are not currently aware of anyone having ported G.729 to the Warp yet.

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    reformed Guest



    It took me a little while to get this compiled and even longer making it work...
    It doesnt look good for G.729 on warp.
    A few calls at the most is all you can get from the current CPU.

    The CPU usage is too high. Admittedly the source of this G729 is not optimised, but even if optimised i doubt it would be any lower then 300ms
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    christophe Guest



    I am looking to try g729 in my warp. Is it possible to send the file ?



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