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What is the warranty on the unit?

The most current information (Warranty Period and Repair Fees) can 
always be found on the main PIKA website. 

www.pikatech.com -> Support -> Warranty & Repair 

Also extended warranties can be requested through a Pika sales representative.

What is the appliance shipped with?

From a hardware standpoint: 

The appliance will be shipped in two variants - a developer kit and a standard verison. 
The developer kit will include telephony interface modules as well as other extras to 
help get a developer start programming the unit. The standard version will be a 
production version containing only an appliance and power cord with telephony expansion 
modules sold separately. 

From a software standpoint: 

The appliance always comes with a default software image including operating system, 
asterisk (with a default configuration), webserver, ssh, etc. The software image is provided 
for basic sanity out of the package and is provided irregardless whether the unit is ordered 
as Appliance for Asterisk or Appliance for Linux. The default software on the Warp can easily 
be overwritten by customers using Pika's Application Development Suite (PADS).

How do I offer QoS on the box when there is only one NIC card?

VLAN is the most common option here. This however requires the installer to
have access to the devices in the network to configure. Future releases of the 
Warp considers adding a second NIC port.

What licensing considerations are there considering you are using open-source Asterisk on the box?

Please refer to each individual package for its own associated licencing information.

Do the modules come assembled to the appliance?

No, the modules are shipped separately to the base unit. 

This is meant to make the stocking process during distribution easier.

How much does the appliance cost?

Regional salespeople will be able to quote unit and volume prices for the Appliance, 
Power Supply, Dev kit, telephony expansion modules, etc. 

Alternatively, retail prices can be found at Pika Web Store @ www.pikatech.com

What is the difference between the Appliance for Asterisk and the Appliance for Linux?

By default, both appliances are essentially the same.  

The default software shipped with both unit variants is Asterisk and Asterisk controls 
the telephony ports on the unit.  

Alternatively, if Asterisk is removed from the unit then two Pika Application
Programming Interfaces (APIs) are available to developers.  These APIs allow control
of all the telephony hardware on the unit. The two available APIs are a low-level HMP 
interface and high-level Grandprix interface.  

These APIs are the same that run Pika's PCI/PCIe telephony interface HMP boards.  
Documentation for Pika's API can be found @ www.pikatech.com

Do you have a trial version of the appliance?

There is evaluation hardware in the form of a developer kit available. 
Please contact your local sales person for more details. 

The Pika's Application Development Suite (PADS) software is freely available
for evaluation.

It can be found at www.pikatech.com/appliancedownloads

Is there any software licensing that I need to apply to the appliance?

In general, there is no special licenses needed to run the Warp. 
All IP and TDM port licenses have been built into the unit. 

The only license you may need to add to the Warp is additional fax license. 
The unit will come standard with one port enabled. Additional ports can be 
enabled by asking your sales representative.

Can your appliance support Embedded Windows?

No, there are several reasons this is not possible.

Could I take an appliance and deploy this without modification?

No. Although the Warp is provided with a sample PBX configuration,
it is typically not sufficient for deployment without some development work.

Does the appliance use hardware or software based echo cancellation?

The Warp appliance uses software based echo cancellation.

How old is the platform?

The Warp appliance was released in June '08 and since then many updates have been and will 
continue to be made to the software on the platform.  In addtion to this, using Pika's 
development suite software (PADS) allows for any and all software to be easily modified if 

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