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How do I connect remotely to the WARP Pager?

The WARP Pager supports SSH connectivity and also has a HTTP server running on the unit.

To connect via SSH simply use a common terminal emulator such as Putty.exe then login with username 'pager' and password 'pikapika'.

To connect to the web server simply enter the IP address of the WARP Pager into a common web browser such Internet Explorer or Firefox.

The login username is 'pager' and the default password is 'pikapika'.

In both cases you will be placed in the WARP Pagers log file directory. There will be a directory called 'current' which will have the latest pager.log file as well as the configuration files retrieved from the (T)FTP server or USB key.

A rotational log histroy that includes the last five reboots will be present in the following directory structure: current, current-1,.....current-5.

How do I change the default password of the 'pager' user account?

To change the default password on the Warp, please log in to the pager user account via SSH and enter the following:


Changing password for pager

Old password: pikapika

New password: newpassword

Retype password: newpassword

Password for pager changed by pager

Note: There are restrictions on weak passwords. You will need to input a password of sufficient strength.

How do I change the web server password?

Login into SSH and use the application http-config to configure the HTTP server. The syntax is as follows:

http-config [on] [off] [-h] [-u username] [-p password]

Argument Description
-h Displays help and exits
on Enables the http server when the WARP Pager starts
off Disables the http server when the WARP Pager starts
-u username The user name used to access the http server.
-p password The password used to access the http server

To change the configuration, at the Linux command prompt, type sudo http-config and include the parameters you want to change. For example:

sudo http-config on p n3wPassword

To activate the changes, you must restart the WARP Pager by typing sudo reboot at the Linux command prompt.

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How do I change the WARP Pager's time zone?

Log into the WARP Pager via SSH under the 'pager' username. At the linux command prompt run the 'timezone' command. on the linux prompt of the appliance and go through the provided menu. Then to test the newly set time run the 'date' command from the linux prompt on the appliance.

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