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Does the gateway do any scoring of the call quality (MOS)?

No, there is no call quality scoring.

The max size appears to be 60 concurrent calls. Do you have anything that can go bigger?

No, not today.

When using the T1 interface, what protocols are supported?

T1 PRI and CAS are supported.


MFR and MLPPP are not supported.

Are there any firewall capabilities?

Yes. NAPT, IP filtering, port forwarding.

Can it do failover routing? For example, if it has a T1 interface, can we use that as a primary route and have a secondary route out an Ethernet port?

Failovers are possible however you can only have ISDN to ISDN and ISDN to SIP calls, but if the calls comes from SIP, it can only terminate on a ISDN interface.

Does the unit only support SNMPv3?

Supports SNMP v1, v2 and v3.

Is SNMP only available for polling/configuring or does it also support sending traps?

It also supports traps generation as outlined in the documentation.

Can the gateway operate as a IP-PBX in case of failover?

The unit has some failover capability (configuring more than one sip gateway for example, or DNS SRV) but no it can not accept inbound SIP registrations.

When connecting a 24FXS gateway to a hosted SIP provider does each extension need to register to the hosted platform?

No, the gateway can be set up to use only one registration to the hosted SIP provider. Each individual FXS extension does not require individual registration.

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