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What brand of SIP phones are supported for Paging?

Polycom and Cisco have been tested in our labs.

Although some customers have used Aastra phones as well.

What is the Page capacity of the WARP Pager?

We currently offer 2 models:

WARP Pager 15:

Maximum capacity to page 15 simultaneous endpoints in a single zone or page group

WARP Pager 30SZ:

Maximum capacity to page 30 simultaneous endpoints
Zone paging - 10 zones, 2 including overhead speaker paging
Integrated audio line-output jack to drive Overhead Speaker Systems

Can a phone be in more than one zone?

Yes, a phone can be in 1 or all 10 available zones.

What happens if someone initiates a Page while another person is already paging?

The WARP Pager will only allow a single Page at a time.

What happens to a phone that has an active call when a Page occurs?

This will depend on how the phone itself handles call waiting.

With Polycom a notification tone is provided to the user who then has the option to answer the page.

With Cisco phone, their ĎBarge-iní functionality engages, the active call is placed on hold and the Page is serviced.
There is an active ticket logged with Cisco regarding this behavior (CSCti53461).

How do I find out the IP address of my WARP Pager?

Use the toggle button located to the left of the green status LED. Press it once and the current IP address will be displayed.

How can I tell if the pager is registered with my hosted PBX service provider.

Use the toggle button located to the left of the green status LED.
Press it twice and the registration status is displayed. Either REGISTERED=YES or REGISTERED=NO.

Which codecís are supported by the WARP Pager?

Currently the WARP Pager supports g.711 a-law and u-law with a 8000 KHz sample rate.

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