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What is the difference between call progress vs call analysis?

Call Progress determines the state of a call. (eg. The call was answered, the call is in the ringing state, 
the call has hung up).   Call Analysis on the other hand determines “what” is on the other end. (eg. Answering 
machine, fax machine, person) 

Echo cancellation basics

There are two types of echo cancellation: acoustic and hybrid. 

- Acoustic echo is caused by reflection or feedback for example while operating a phone on speaker mode.
- Hybrid is caused at analog interfaces where there is 2 to 4 wire connections. 

If you hear echo it is usually a result of the far end.  Although again the analog interfaces can cause 
near end echo which is usually much louder then far end echo.  To cancel the echo add the EC on the listening path. 

How do I handle analog glare cases?

Analog glare can occur in a PBX or possibly an IVR scenario. 

There are some common general strategies. One is to reduce the possibility of glare. For example, seizing 
incoming trunks from the top of the list of available trunks and seizing outgoing trunks from the bottom 
of the list. 

Another strategy is to handle glare gracefully. In a glare case, one trunk must win and typically the 
outgoing trunk loses. Take an example where I pick up a phone and hear dialtone and then dial my number. 
When the system goes to seize a line and recognizes a collision with an incoming call - this incoming 
call can be handled using common call handling while the attempted outgoing call can fail and play a 
prompt back to me advising me to try my call again. 

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