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Finding the right PC for your application

PIKA system recommendations can be found in the Release Notes of both the SDK and HMP (AoH) API Manuals.


Dell and HPs commodity priced PC market is providing PCIe slots and only a few PCI slots for 
backwards compatibility. Customers that need 3-6 slot PCs are now find it harder to locate PC options. 
What choices do they have?

   * Move to Industrial Solutions 
   * Port their application to PCIe boards 

PIKA has investigated various PC vendors and based on currently available models recommends the following.

PowerEdge 840 ( 3 Slots [2 PCI-X and 1 PCI 5v] ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
rx3600 ( 8 x PCI-X slots ) ML570 (4 x PCI-X slots ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DAX Systems Inc: Example Systems: VALUE: DST-24314 - Desktop unit with Pentium 4 motherboard, 4 PCI slots ( all full length) single 400 watt power supply DRM-23314 - 2U Rack mount server with Pentium 4 motherboard, 3 half length PCI slots, single 400 watt power supply MAINSTREAM: DRM-46828 - 4U Rack Mount or Desktop with Pentium Motherboard, 6 full length PCI slots, 8 hot swap drive carriers, dual 8 watt hot swap power supplies DRM-41424 - 4U Rack mount server with Pentium Single Board Computer, 12 PCI slots, dual 400 watt hot swap power supplies HIGH PERFORMANCE: DRM-51634 - 5U Rack mount server, Dual XEON SBC, 16 full length PCI-X slots, triple 400 watt hot swap power supplies DRM-51924 - 5U Rack mount server, Pentium SBC, 17 full length PCI slots, dual 400 watt hot swap power supplies Ernie Kaminaris ekaminaris@daxsystems.com DAX Systems, Inc. 343 New Road Parsippany, NJ 07054 973-227-8111 phone 973-227-8197 fax www.daxsystems.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MicroSmart: MS-IND-4U-B ( 6 PCI slots ) MS-IND-4U-A ( 12 PCI slots ) www.emicrosmart.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Build your own PC: Asus motherboards: Commando ( 4 PCI slots ) Intel motherboards: D865GBF ( 6 PCI slots ) D865PERL ( 5 PCI slots ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Expansion chassis: Magma: (www.magma.com) PCI to PCI-X expansion ( 1 to 12 PCI Slots Options) PCIe to PCI-X expansion ( 1 to 12 PCI Slots Options) PCIe to PCIe expansion options Contact: Tim Resker - 781.752.8250 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SBC - Single Board Computers: Portwell: (www.portwell.com) Passive backplane options + SBC Motherboard 2 to 16 slot options -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- cPCI: AdLink: (www.adlink.com) System Board: cPCI-6860A/X24/M1 Chassis: cPCIS-3330/AC Power Supply: cPS-H325/AC x4

What does Pika do?

Pika constructs and sells computer telephony building blocks that allow customers to effectively 
integrate telephony into their system.

The building block offering includes interface types like analog, digital and IP and voice processing like 
DTMF detection and generation, audio play and record, fax, etc.

These building blocks are commonly used by customers to create applications like call centers, private 
branch exchanges (PBXs), interactive voice response systems (IVRs), Logging systems, predictive dialers 
and fax servers.

How many boards can I put in one system

There is currently a compiled limit of 16 boards per PC ( including expansion chassis )

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