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Error (-104) Resource Busy

Affected DSP Applications 
-- Audio (Play / Record) 
-- RTP (Encode/Decode) 
-- FSK 

   1) PK_DRV_E_RESOURCE_BUSY return code received when calling an Audio, RTP, or FSK API function. 
   2) Channel always busy or appears "locked" 
   3) Could appear as a "Channel leak" to the application 

Mostly like to appear: 
- The "intercall" delay is very short ( Wait for the IDLE event and call termination conditions before accepting or placing another call ) 
- IVR system playing multiple PROMPTS ( Not waiting for the IDLE after calling a STOP and Adding more buffers. 
- Memseting the buffer or buffer size before the IDLE even is received will also show the condition of resource busy. 

What to do: 
- Since the PIKA API is asynchronous, it is important to wait for the IDLE event before starting the next audio play on the channel. 

- Don't memset or reset the buffers or the "size" field until the IDLE event is received by the application. 

- Turn ON API logging using PikaSetup for the API and Events in use, and watch the resource handles for the port or ports 
  that appear to be BUSY. Make sure that after the STOP that the IDLE event is received before reusing the application
  buffers passed to the MonteCarlo API ( Before ADDing or STARTing on that resource port again )

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