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What is licensed - PIKA DSP Boards ( AoB - MM )

Feature: FAX (T.30)
  Fax is currently the only licensed feature in the DSP (AoB) product line.
  Default:  4 Free ports of Fax (T.30) per system that has at least 1 PIKA DSP Board enabled in the SDK.
  Additional Fax ports can be purchased and installed on the system.
  Expansion Fax licenses are bound to a system MAC address. It is highly recommended that expansion licenses
  be bound to a MOVEABLE MAC device during the installation process. This will make it easy to move
  the license to another PC system later on if needed.
  • NIC PCI/PCI-X/PCIe board
  • USB NIC Dongle
  • Wireless card

What is licensed - PIKA HMP (AoH)

Feature: VoIP Only System
  Using the HMP SDK, it is possible to create a VoIP only solution that does not require
  any PIKA boards. The following licenses can be purchased on a per-port basis. 

  • VoIP Base - G.711 Codec ( per port )
  • G.729 Expansion ( per port )
Feature: TDM
  TDM port licenses are installed on the board when shipped as of September 2007. 
  TDM expansion licenses can be purchased and installed in the field. The expansion
  licenses are bound to a MAC address in the PC System.

  TDM Expansion Licenses: 
  • Digital Single Span T1 (24 ports)
  • Digital Single Span E1 (30 ports)
  • Analog Trunk/FXO (4 Ports)
  • Analog Station/FXS (4 Ports)
Feature: FAX
  Default:  4 Free ports of Fax (T.30) per system that has at least 1 PIKA HMP Board in the system
  Additional Fax ports can be purchased and installed on the system.

How does PIKA Licensing Work

This is how it works:
  The PIKA Licensing process is very simple and only requires a few steps.
  When a customer orders a licensed feature, they will receive via email a "Registration Key"
  The Registration key contains the feature code and quantity of ports that was ordered.

  PIKA provides a tool called "pikalm" that can be used to view and install licenses.

  Here is the typical process flow:

  Step 1:  Select [4] for a single key registration
  Step 2:  Select [1] for an internet activation
  Step 3:  Select the MAC device to bind the licenses too ( Something moveable is recommended. )
  Step 4:  Enter the registration key
  Step 5:  Select the number of ports to activate < Number> or < all >

Next the pikalm tool will create a file called "license.keys" that will contain the "Activation Code" for the system.

Note:  The license.keys file should be backed up for future reference. If the OS or software needs to be reinstalled,
this file can be restored to the system. ( Alternatively, the "Activation Code" can also be retrieved from the email 
sent at the time of license registration )

PIKA Licensing

  Additional information about PIKA Licensing can be found in the PIKA Getting Started Manual.

How can I move a license to a new PC

PIKA recommends that licenses be bound to a MOVEABLE MAC address device.
Once a key is bound to a MAC address, there is no easy way to "remove" that licenses.

Some recommended options:
   - NIC board ( PCI, PCIe, PCI-X )
   - USB to NIC dongle
   - Wireless card

If licenses are bound to a moveable MAC device, it becomes easy to move a PIKA license to a new host PC.
   - Move the device
   - Copy the "license.keys" file to the new host PC.

NOTE:  It is highly recommended that you back-up your license.keys file!

License Backup and Restore

Backing up your PIKA license key:
When the "pikalm" tool is used to activate a license it will generate a file called "license.keys" on the target system that can contain 1 or more Activation codes. The activation code contains the MAC address and features to be enabled on the system. Copy this file or the activation codes to a new PC or Database so that it can be retrieved later.
Restoring your PIKA license key:
After reinstalling the operation system or PIKA SDK, simply copy the "license.keys" file back to the PC.
What if I didn't back up the License key ?
a) When the key was activated you would have a received an email confirming the license activation. Manually create the "license.keys" file and copy the activation code in to the file. [ xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx ] b) Contact PIKA Support with the MAC address, order number, or PIKA Registration Key and they can do a search in the license database to retrieve the activation code

What happens when an eval license expires

When an evaluation (trial) license expires, the SDK will send to the 
application the following error message:




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