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Does your MM series of boards supported both 5V and 3.3V PCI bus signalling?

Yes.  This includes the PrimenetMM, DaytonaMM and InlineMM.

Can I use a 48V power supply with the DaytonaMM?

The DaytonaMM does support -48V power supplies, but Pika recommends -24V supplies for any new systems. 
When using -48V supplies, the amount of heat dissipation inside the PC will double when the lines are terminated 
with short loops (which is almost always). Extra care needs to be taken from a thermal point of view when designing a 
system to ensure that there is enough cooling on the boards to not exceed the max operating temperature of 60C. 

Can the MM DSP boards be plugged in to a PCI-X Slot

The PIKA MM DSP boards all have a PCI bus interface. These boards can be plugged in to a PCI-X interface on a PC motherboard. The only behavior change is that devices on the PCI-X bus will also run in PCI compatibility mode. PIKA Inline MM PIKA Daytona MM PIKA PrimeNet MM

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