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Fax File Conversion

The PIKA SDK supports the sending and receiving of Fax files in the TIFF format.

There are tools available in the market that can convert popular file formats to TIFF for sending.
Ex:  http://www.peernet.com/fcc/index.html   File Conversion center
   * Word, Excel, Power Point
   * PDF
   * Post Script
   * HTML
   * And more

SMP vs. Uniprocessor Kernels

PIKA Linux drivers are SMP (symmetric multi-processing) drivers. 

   PIKA AoB drivers will work on either an SMP, or uni-processor machine. 

   PIKA AoH drivers have been designed for SMP (multi-processing) kernels. Trying to install our drivers
   on a uni-processor kernel will not be possible. 
   Working on a uni-processor machine, the solution is to install the SMP version of the Linux kernel onto
   the machine and then the installation of the PIKA drivers will work properly.

   The SMP kernel can be installed using the command "yum install kernel-smp"

64-bit SDK Drivers

DSP (MM): 64-bit drivers for the DSP MM boards are not currently scheduled.

Customers who need 64-bit driver support for their solution are recommended to contact their PIKA Sales Manager.

HMP: 64-bit drivers will be support by the HMP platform in release 3.0 ( January 2011)

Windows 7 and Server 2008 Support

AoB (MM) - As part of release 6.7 for DSP MM boards, MonteCarlo now supports Windows 7 and Server 2008 ( 32-bit mode )
* RAM should be limited to 3.5 Gb for 32-bit operating systems

HMP - Release 3.0 scheduled for January 2011 will support Windows 7 and Server 2008 ( 32-bit AND 64-bit )

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