View Full Version : How do bounties work ?

11-10-08, 03:49 PM
Definition: A "bounty" is a payment or reward offered as an incentive for the completion of a particular task.

Bounties are a great option for getting things done when you don't have the Time, Resources, or the Knowledge to get the task done!

In the PIKA Forum, you can post a Bounty and see if there is someone in the community willing to do the task for the offered Reward.
Other's may be looking for the same or similar functionality and could add to the "Reward" being offered.

- Porting a module to the Warp
- Porting an application from Windows to Linux
- Testing
- Writing an application or module code

How to post a bounty:
Login to the PIKA Forum
Select the Bounties Forum
Create a posting that includes:
- Contact information
- Bounty offer: Ex: $500 USD, Gift Certificate, etc
- Post Date: yyyy/mm/dd
- Expire Date: yyyy/mm/dd
- Description: