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08-21-13, 11:54 AM
I am getting inconsistent results when trying to handle incoming calls on an IVR. Every other call or every 3rd call is not answered properly. The card indicates the call was answered, but the switch does not report it as answered. We have a CTI application which receives events on stations which are associated with the IVR ports. The problem arises when connecting to an Avaya 8800, but the same program and card work fine when connected to an Avaya G3. The only difference we can find is the cable from the G3 uses an anfinol connector and the 8800 uses a standard RJ-48C. Does the PrimeNet-MM card require a special wiring pattern to work? Could the use of B8ZS protocol vs AM? cause an issue like this? Thanks. BTW, how do you start a new line? I tried Enter, ctrl+Enter, shift+Enter, ctrl+shift+Enter, alt+Enter.

08-21-13, 02:30 PM

No. There is no special wiring pattern for the PrimenetMM card. For reference - the Primenet MM connector pin out is included in the top left hand corner of this document - http://www.pikatechnologies.com/CMFiles/Software Documents/6.6/PIKA Quick Start Guide.pdf

I would guess this could be a problem with the Termination Type (Client/Network) or the Call Model Mode on the span in PikaSetup. Both of these settings can affect the transmission of the CONNACK.

Another suggestion would be to try Pikatest as another point of reference. Pikatest will auto answer incoming calls by default.

08-30-13, 12:45 PM
Thanks for the suggestion. We ran Pikatest and everything checked out. We now believe the problem is configuration with the Avaya 8800. We are using our CTI link via the AES Server to do call handling, i.e. transfer/conference/hold/outbound calling. For whatever reason, the Avaya is not generating all the messages we would normally expect. When we answer a call with the PIKA card, we don't get an EstablishedEvent from the switch, so we send an Answer Request via CTI which always returns successful. Then we place the call on hold and issue an outbound call using CTI, not PIKA. When the call is answered, we do not get notification from the switch or PIKA that the call was answered by the 3rd party. Do you have any idea why PIKA does not know? Does the PIKA card know the call is placed on hold when done via CTI or does it think it is still connected to a call? If the station associated with the port on the PIKA card is set for auto-answer, do we need to answer the call using PIKA? BTW, our IVR is client-connected, not network-connected. If you have any answers, recommendations, or suggestions on how we can resolve or diagnose the issue, we would be much appreciated. We can provide any configuration information needed if necessary. We are just frustrated because all of our CTI works for normal station agents, it's just the IVR that is an issue and there is clearly a difference in the way the switch is handling the calls for the IVR and the stations and we are attempting to figure what is causing that difference. Thanks.

08-30-13, 01:05 PM
I would suggest sending Pika Support a description of the problem with logs. They should be able to help.