View Full Version : When I have finished development how do I clone my SD card to reproduce it?

05-04-13, 06:39 AM
Hi I found this but its not working , any idea ?

Answer: The easiest way to clone the SD card is to create a tarball of all the files on the SD. For example on Warp,

sudo tar -cjvpf warpmaster.tar.bz2 /media/WARP-SD/*

And then copy this to a Linux PC with a SD card reader. Then a new SD card can be created with the same software by simply formatting and mounting, copying the tarball over to the new card and untarring. For example on the PC,

mkfs.ext4 -L WARP-SD /dev/sdb1
mkdir -p /mnt/WARP-SD
mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/WARP-SD

cd /mnt/WARP-SD
tar xjvf warpmaster.tar.bz2 --no-same-owner

An alternative could be to use GParted to help with this process. Just to note in the future these detailed command will be provided in helper scripts.

Thanks in advance