View Full Version : Setting up fax receiving to email in FreePBX

12-13-12, 09:18 AM
Quick guide to setting up fax reception to email. This assumes a NAND to SD transfer has already been performed. And an extension (in this case 1000) has been created.

1) Add a mail server to the unit but selecting this in the ‘Add-ons’ Page and ‘Apply Changes’.

Note: This operation can take a long time to finish.


2) (Optional) If you want support for receiving faxes to pdf then you should add the libtiff-tools package. This can be done by executing the following command from SSH (for this you can also try the Java SSh through FreePBX).

apt-get install libtiff-tools

3) Next fax detection should be enabled in Dahdi. This is done manually by editing lines in ‘/etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf’. The modification is uncommenting the first faxdetect=incoming line in the file. Or the following SSH command will modify the file accordingly.

sed -i "s/;faxdetect=incoming/faxdetect=incoming/" /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf

4) You first want to enable fax on a particular extension. To do this you enter an Extension in FreePBX and enable fax reception in the ‘Fax’ section.


5) Finally in the ‘Inbound Routes’ screen under the ‘Fax Detect’ section answer ‘Yes’ to Detecting Faxes and then set the destination to one of your extensions.

Note: For this type of behavior you will need to enable DIDs per extension as fax machines can’t typically traverse auto-attendants and dial extensions.


6) Now it is time to test a fax to the DID. An email containing the fax should be delivered to the address specified.