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10-28-10, 10:37 AM
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* PIKA Warp 2.2.7 Engineering Build Readme File *
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The files in this patch have been tested by the R&D department
to verify issue resolution and general sanity only.


PATCH REQUIREMENTS: SDK 2.8.14, chan_pika 3.8.8

REASON FOR RELEASE: See issues resolved below.


FILES AFFECTED: The following packages have changed:
- fpga image (fpga3014.wrp)

COMMENTS: Combines SDK 2.8.14 and chan_pika 3.8.8.
Requires re-flash of fpga image.

INSTALLATION: All new WARP appliances received from PIKA as of
October 22, 2010 have FPGA version

Customers upgrading existing units with this
patch version should use the images in this

Customers who want to upgrade only the FPGA
in deployed units should download the special
upgrade package available at
Follow the instructions in the README file included
with the package.


--------------- Issues resolved in PADS 2.2.7 -----------------------

8158: Customers report unrecognizable characters on the LCD display

- A busy flag was implemented in the FPGA to prevent race conditions
while accessing the LCD controller.

--------------- Issues resolved in PADS 2.2.6 -----------------------

8425: GSM module resends SMS indefinitely

- A maximum number of retries has been added to limit the re-sending attempts.
The maximum number of retries can be configured using the "sms_send_retry" configuration
key. This default value is 5.
Note: The SMSSuccess and SMSError Asterisk Manager events have been added to report
success or failure to send the SMS.

8510: chan_pika fails to compile in PADS 2.2.5 when using CentOS 5

- Additional checks have been added to the GrandPrix makefile to avoid building inapplicable steps.

8538: make clean fails because of typo

- Removed unneccessary characters from the Makefile

8540: php fails to compile

- Various changes have been made to clean up dependencies.

8655: php is not properly installed

- The line that performs the link in the PHPWEB version has been corrected and the PHP version information
has been added to the php.mk file.

--------------- Issues resolved in SDK 2.8.14 -----------------------

8554 (GP): ICMP responses are generated for incoming RTP audio packets

- The RTP receive socket is opened as soon as the initial INVITE is sent out.
This action prevents the operating system from generating ICMP messages in
the case were RTP packets are immediately received.

8686 (GP): SIP user agents failed to re-register

- Proper handling of verious 4xx/5xx responses has been added to allow
user agents to re-attempt registration.

8687 (GP): Failure to authenticate multiple requests in one session

- The authentication state flag is now cleared after each authentication request
allowing a BYE request to be authenticated after the initial INVITE was challenged.

8559 (AoH): An error is not reported if a fax is not properly received

- If no pages are exchanged, the result value will be set to PKH_FAX_RESULT_PROTOCOL_ERROR,
with a last error value of PKH_FAX_LASTERROR_NO_PAGES_EXCHANGED.

8722 (AoH): Starting the RTP receive socket may cause a segfault

- The RTP receive and transmit sockets are created at the same time, however only the receive
side is started.

--------------- Issues resolved in SDK 2.8.13 ---------------

8569 (GP): BYE requests are not authenticated when requested by SIP proxy

- Proper handling of the "407 Proxy Authentication Required" response to a BYE
request has been added to GrandPrix. REGISTER, INVITE, and BYE requests are
now properly authenticated.

8519 (AoH): Pikalm does not properly report server side errors

- Pikalm has been updated to report server side errors with the code
received. The default error message is not longer used when server
side errors occur.

8599 (AoH): BYE requests are not authenticated when requested by SIP proxy

- Proper handling of the "407 Proxy Authentication Required" response to a BYE
request has been added to AoH allowing the user application to retransmit the
BYE message with the authentication information requested.

--------------- Issues resolved in SDK 2.8.12 ---------------

8479 (GP): Losing low-level dialogs when issuing a 4xx response after sending a 180 RINGING

- After the ACK message is received from the remote agent, the low-level dialog
associated with the call is cleaned up and removed. Failure to remove these dialogs
results in unneccesary memory usage that will only be deallocated when the application
is terminated.

8506 (AoH): Settings phone gains through AoH does not work properly.

- Proper audio configuration is now performed when the FXS interface is created.
These changes ensure any gain values are cleared when the FXS interface is
closed and re-opened and allow changes to be made before the interface is started.

8527 (AoH): Name server values that are commented out may be used if they are listed in the
resolv.conf file before the desired sever values.

- All commented lines found in the resolv.conf file are skipped.


For support issues, phone or e-mail our Customer Care department
at the following:

Tel: +1-613-591-1555
FAX: +1-613-591-9295
Email: support@pikatech.com

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svn location: http://svn.pikatech.com/pads/distro/tags/2.2/
PADS tarball: http://outgoingftp.pikatech.com/appliance/2.2/PADS_2.2.7.3.tgz
Image files: http://outgoingftp.pikatech.com/appliance/2.2/images_2.2.7.3.tgz