View Full Version : Assigning an outbound route to an FXS extension - possible?

10-25-10, 04:11 PM

Anyone know if it's possible to force a PIKA FXS extension to use a particular outbound route (and therefore, trunk or trunk group) without imposing prefix dialing, i.e. a default route for an extension. It's possible to do with a SIP extension (either through custom-contexts or using /[extension no] suffix on the dial string), but it doesn't seem possible on the FXS module ports (even by setting a custom CID on the latter to try to get it "recognized" by the route's /[cid] dial string).

Basically I want FXS port 1 to always select FXO trunk 1, and FXS port 2 to always select FXO trunk 2, and everything else to use trunk groups with a preferred order of 2,1.

Edit: Nevermind, I have done it wrong, it just has to be callerid="extension no" <extension no> in pika_fxs_X.conf