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10-25-10, 03:20 PM
Hello All,

I am looking to get a list of the hardware id's for PIKA boards. Is there someplace I can go to find a list of them. Just to make sure I'm being clear on what I'm looking for here is the hardware id for a 4-port PCI daytona:


I need the rest of them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jon Sales

10-25-10, 03:44 PM

I think you have an PCI Inline there. The Inline is a 4 port FXO (with optional headset port) board that is a smaller variant of the full length Daytona PCI board.
Here are the list of device IDs present in the PikaCTI.inf file used during installation.

; --------------------------- The following are normal functional devices -----------
%PIKATECH.DeviceDescDaytona% = PikaDaytona, PCI\VEN_10b5&DEV_9054&SUBSYS_001516df
%PIKATECH.DeviceDescInline% = PikaInline, PCI\VEN_10b5&DEV_9054&SUBSYS_001616df
%PIKATECH.DeviceDescPrimeNet% = PikaPrimeNet, PCI\VEN_10b5&DEV_9054&SUBSYS_001116df
%PIKATECH.DeviceDescPrimeNet% = PikaPrimeNet, PCI\VEN_10b5&DEV_9054&SUBSYS_001216df
%PIKATECH.DeviceDescPrimeNet% = PikaPrimeNet, PCI\VEN_10b5&DEV_9054&SUBSYS_001316df
%PIKATECH.DeviceDescPrimeNet% = PikaPrimeNet, PCI\VEN_10b5&DEV_9054&SUBSYS_001416df

This list is the IDs that are used when searching for Pika boards in a Windows system. As you can see only the first portion of the device ID is searched for. This is because depending on the programming, configuration and sometimes the age of boards the remainder of the ID may differ.

Hope this helps.