View Full Version : Software Release - Warp 2.2.5 Maintenance Release

09-02-10, 08:12 AM
New Features
• Support for a 4-port BRI module
• Added a 'force' option to autorun
• Improved autorun debug logging

Software Component and Firmware Upgrades
• Astmanproxy 1.1.0
• PIKA HMP Low Level API version 2.8 MR
• PIKA High Level API version 2.8 MR
• PIKA Asterisk channel driver version 3.8 MR
• GSM channel driver version 1.0.3

Bug Fixes
• autorun should store its debug log on both /persistent and the upgrade media (USB or SD) (8161)
• Autorun won't run again after a previous upgrade was aborted (8302)
• HMP traps causing Asterisk to fail to start (8286)
• PADS libidn-1.9 fails to build under Ubuntu (8307)
• BRI span stays READY even after span is unplugged (8291)
• Output an error message when the user attempts an upgrade with FAT16 formatted media (8160)
• Upgrading 2.0 non-FreePBX to 2.2 using autorun does not work (8300)
• Disable echo cancellation when using native bridging between PIKA channels (8219)
• Emailing faxes does not work by default (8260)
• astmanproxy causes some Asterisk versions newer than to crash (8147)
• GSM channel driver strips out \t and \n characters from SMS message (8211)
• cron leaks memory (8246)
• PADS compile fails because of broken link to tiff-3.8.2.tar.gz package (8250)
• Remove warning during amportal startup (8391)
• Error when calling make asterisk twice in PADS (8174)

Behavior Changes
• The BRI LCD icons now show span status instead of channel status
• The autorun debug log is now called update-version-macaddress.log, where version is the new software version number and macaddress is the MAC address of the appliance. The file is located in the directory /persistent and /mnt/sd (if using an SD card) or /mnt/usb (if using a USB device).

Release Notes and Upgrade Information:

Patches Included:

2.2.1 - Asterisk and astmanproxy consumes large portions of RAM (7825)

2.2.2 - Reduce polling delay of GSM radio (8074)
- PIKA logs weren't collected if /var/log/pika does not exist (8071)
- DTMF detection in app_disa not working (7975)

2.2.3 - Unable to build PADS on Ubuntu 9.10 (7998)
- PADS 2.1.1 - 'make clean' is broken (8010)
- PADS fails to build when copying files to the images directory (8075)
- Unable to rebuild PADS if it fails to build (8084)
- PADS - 'make' fails (8117)
- Cannot call 'make asterisk' twice (8174)
- Starting Asterisk on reboot disables all logging (8163)

2.2.4 - File /etc/asterisk/musiconhold_additional.conf does not have the correct permissions (8169)
- Warp - Call Waiting on FXS does not work (8170)
- PADS fails to build PHP on new Linux distributions due to autoconf mismatch (8212)
- Unable to compile PADS in openSuSE 11.2 (8221)
- Update the Timezone Package to account for new daylight savings times (8245)
- Echo cancellation issues (7817)
- New document Warp for Asterisk/FreePBX