View Full Version : New User - Create an inbound route to BRI

08-24-10, 05:22 AM
Hi all,

I'm a new user of an Pika and I have some inbound route issue. I'm trying to make this route :


The only user I can create are SIP or IAX. I'm trying to create a route corresponding to the SIP account to the BRI port but it does not work.

Does anybody has a sample of such a configuration ?


08-25-10, 01:50 PM
Hi Xavier,

If using Asterisk dialplans directly this should be simple.

exten => s,1,Dial (PIKA/digital/1) ; where 1 is the first channel but a group could be used here as well

But if you are using FreePBX then I believe it is slightly more confusing. In this case FreePBX likes to treat things as trunks or extensions. So in this configuration one configuration option is the following. (don't know if this is the best way or not.)
You can configure the SIP trunk as normal. But for the BRI line you will then want to add a new 'Extensions' and provide a 'Other (Custom) Device'. Then under 'Device Options' set the 'This device uses custom technology. dial' field to something like 'PIKA/digital/1'. Then in your 'Inbound Routes' you can use the 'Set Destination' to direct the call to the BRI extension that you just created. Hope this makes sense.