View Full Version : Reproductable bug ?

04-27-10, 05:45 AM

Here is a bug i found that i reproduced with aohtest ...

Try this, the sound is very bad quality on my host when i open only the second span (this could be a need to unactivate one of my spans) :

system 0 open
board 0 open
board 0 set config interface=e1 clockmode=slave primary=1 secondary=2
span 1 open
span 1 set config framing=basic encoding=hdb3 compand=alaw buildout=120ohm
isdn 0 open 1
isdn 0 set config switch=net5 country=euroisdn node=client primaryd=0|16
span 1 start
isdn 0 start

Incoming Call on channel x :

answer x
channel x seize
play x set config encoding=alaw samplingRate=8khz
play x start ./MUSIQUE.SND

When first span is open, the sound is heard as it should be heard ...
The workaround is to open and start span 0 even if there is no link plugged in.

Best regards, Guillaume.

05-04-10, 04:10 PM
Hi Guillaume. I was able to replicate this problem. Thanks for pointing this out!