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03-24-10, 02:56 PM

I have two analog lines, and several PCs that have sip sw phones.

If I configure the Pika Warp (asterix) with 1 FXS/4 FXO ports...can I route calls between the analog FXO lines and sip phones?

- Receive calls from analog lines and routing to a sip phone
- Make calls from a sip phone an route to PSTN

Thanks !
Mauricio Gaueca F.

03-24-10, 04:02 PM
Yes. This is easy to do, especially if you are using the FreePBX image on the WARP. You just need to configure the SIP S/W phones as extensions and the FXO line(s) as trunks.

Watch this video (http://pikawarp.org/?p=276) to see how this is done.

Skar (http://twitter.com/skar_pikawarp)