View Full Version : Aastra XMl Scripts, VPN capability and Back up Solution

01-13-10, 07:40 PM
I am looking for Pika GURU to assist our team with implementing Aastra XML Scripts, VPN Client Software and creating a robust backup method for the Pika War Appliance. (Back up could use a local USB Flash Drive or an Internet Server.) (Other improvements may be discussed as well)

If you are capable and interested in participating in this project, I would like to speak with you directly to discuss the scope of work and determine a price.

Please contact me at 318-686-9030 x. 106 or reply to this email or post.

Bryant Wilson

02-11-10, 12:59 PM
Most of the support for Aastra IP phones you want can be found here, http://forum.pikatechnologies.com/showthread.php?t=492

Check it out and let us know.
Skar (http://twitter.com/skar_pikawarp)

08-11-10, 08:39 AM
vpn integration can be found here http://pikawarp.org/?p=652