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10-21-09, 04:48 AM
Hi everybody,
Is there any version of the G729 codec that runs on WARP (even for testing purpouse only)?
Here http://asterisk.hosting.lv is possible to find a list of binaries that fits for differents CPUs. Maybe someone fits for WARP?

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10-27-09, 08:23 AM
We have a company looking at providing a G.729 codec for the WARP though they have not released it yet.

The link you posted has source code available however it all requires the IPP (Intel Performance Primitives) libraries to compile. These will only work on x86 processors and not the WARP. You can also see that the binaries are all for variants of the x86 processor architecture.

The WARP is powerpc based so will not run any of those codecs. The company who is developing the G.729 codec that can run on the WARP already has it running on the cell processor which is also powerpc based. I will post here when they release it.

Skar (https://twitter.com/skar_pikawarp)

10-29-09, 06:59 AM
Hi Shawn,
thank you for your answer.
I'll stay tuned.

12-14-09, 05:51 AM
Any news on this subject? when do you think g729 will be available and in what modes? passthru works allready I believe? Are there any teorethical calculations allready made what would that mean for processor load? how many trunks would there be possible on g729?

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12-14-09, 05:19 PM
The company that is developing the G729 codec for the WARP, with integration into asterisk, recently provided us an estimate of what density can be done. They estimate that at 50% CPU load, they will be able to do 4-5 calls.

If this number is of use to anyone, please post feedback so we can consider including this or not in the near future.