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09-13-09, 05:15 PM

I'm a new member in the forum and I'd like to understand a little more about WARP appliance.

Excuse, in advance, my english.

A friend of mine gave me a WARP and I thought it was just like my old PC on which I installed Asterisk and the GUI FreePBX.

But when I get connected to the IP of the appliance, I've got only a a welcome message. Ok, so there's no GUI installed in it.

I noticed that a 2GB SD card was inside.
I connected my laptop to the appliance via SSH and I find myself on a pretty EasyBox .But the thing that I'm trying to understand is :

How all this works ?

I read the documentation on the website quickly may be all the answer are in there.

Actually, I'd like to format that SD card and reset all what's in the WARP to start again from the beginning as if I recieved a PC and I'd like to format all and reinstall all. Can I do this on the Warp ?

The operating system, is it stored on the SD card or in the WARP which means Have I to flash it or just install something on the SD card ?

If someone can make some videos and post them, it will be great to know the steps to follow.

Sorry again for my english and wish me good luck reading the doc :p

Salutations amicales

09-21-09, 09:29 AM
It is easy to reset the software on the WARP to a base image, to as you say, reinstall the OS.

The main OS of the WARP resides on the flash memory of the WARP. The SD card is usually used as backup for storage of voicemails or if you need extended storage for a set of large files, configuration files for SIP phones for example.

It is recommended that you flash the WARP using an USB key. If you want the latest FreePBX images (http://pikawarp.org/?p=353) to flash to the WARP, download them here is tarball (ftp://ftp.pikatech.com/outgoing/pads/extras/freepbx/images-preview-04092009.tgz) or zip (ftp://ftp.pikatech.com/outgoing/pads/extras/freepbx/images-preview-04092009.zip) format. Just take the 6 files found in the downloads and put them in the base of a FAT formatted USB key. Plug in the WARP and once it is booted (should see line status on LCD) just stick in the USB key.

This will then flash the WARP with the latest images that include FreePBX. This will take some time (20-30 minutes, 5 for flashing and rest for install scripts) and the box will be ready to go. We recommend you leave the SD card in during this process and the images will take advantage of it by formatting it and moving some files to it. This adds some time to above install.

Once everything is installed, you can access the FreePBX GUI on it by typing it's IP into your browser. To get the IP just tap on the button to right of LCD and it will cycle from line status to it's IP address. Tap again and it cycles back.

When the GUI loads just use user admin, password admin to access the GUI. Have fun configuring it. New to FreePBX, watch some videos here (http://pikawarp.org/?cat=20).

skar (http://twitter.com/skar_pikawarp)

03-05-10, 04:00 PM
Thank you skar, it seems clear for me now :)