View Full Version : Call deflection for BRI

07-20-09, 05:17 AM
On BRI there is a way to deflect/redirect/forward calls that keeps the caller-id of the calling party and does not use a B channel for the call.

In the Bristuff patches there is an application for this named zapCD or dahdiCD.

This is important on the pika warp, as the target market are small SME's which use this feature quite a lot. So far 50% of our customers requested this feature.

09-09-09, 11:29 AM
I'd be in for 250 GBP to anyone who can get Customer Controlled Call Forwarding (The BT equiv. of what you are talking about here) working on a PIKA running Asterisk and FreePBX.

My understanding, though is it is PIKA themselves that would need to implement this and I've no idea how.

OP is right though; this is a very often requested feature in the SME market.

10-14-09, 03:13 PM
Unfortunately, I agree - I believe Pika themselves would need to implement this.