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05-28-09, 05:35 AM
Dear All,

Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 is now available for Warp appliance.

Junction Telecoms in conjunction with Pika Technologies have created a complete Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 distribution for Warp appliance.
Using standards based Linux distribution developers can easily port applications to Warp platform.

Here are just some of the advantages of using this Debian distribution:
1. Compressed read/write root file system
2. All onboard NAND space is allocated for rootfs giving you greater space utilisation
3. Security updates provided by Debian Security Team
4. Over 25 thousand packages accessible via apt packaging system
5. apt repository provided by Junction Telecoms

Junction Telecoms maintains apt repository for Warp appliance that includes updates to Pika libraries and modules as well as precompiled asterisk 1.4 builds.

We have created 2 versions of Debian 5 for Warp, standard and with MySQL 5 database server

The reason we have created version with MySQL 5 server because it was compiled as shared library to save up to 10 times in space then
standard MySQL.

To flash Debian 5 to Warp please extract one of the following archives (depending on what you need) to SD card:

To develop your applications you can utilise one of the following to boot from NFS server:

You will also need the following kernel to boot the NFS images:

If required, Junction Telecoms can be contracted to help porting applications to Debian and develop custom images.

If you require help with this distribution, please start a new thread.

Kind regards
Boris Bakchiev

06-01-09, 12:58 PM
It appears that debian5-mysql-nfsroot.tgz is broken!

06-01-09, 05:35 PM
What is the difference between:

Btw : it appears that debian5-mysql-nfsroot.tgz is broken!


One includes MySQL and the other does not.
The version of MySQL compiled with shared libraries and only standard engine is included to conserve flash space.

I just fixed up the link in the message, the new link will work now.

06-29-10, 10:54 AM

Seems your links are not valid any more. Are you still working on the Debian load?