View Full Version : WARP Asterisk GUI

07-21-08, 03:58 PM

Some have encountered Asterisk GUI issues when running the default image of the WARP appliance.

There is an updated version of the WARP Asterisk GUI in the PIKA SVN trunk if you'd like to download and try it.

We'd appreciate the feedback !

You'd have to download the whole trunk, not just the GUI bits, build it, and download it to the WARP unit.

PIKA will release a new GUI as part of the next formally tested release package in late August.

07-22-08, 09:49 AM
PIKA will be releasing an updated GUI for the WARP officially in the late August release.

For now, users can:
* Modify the dial plans manually
* Or download the PIKA code from the SVN trunk and build a new image with the GUI changes.