View Full Version : Binding PIKA licenses to a USD to NIC dongle

03-05-10, 11:42 AM
PIKA's current licensing mechanism depends on binding to a MAC address for TDM expansion licenses, Fax ports, and VoIP software. To have the ability to move the licenses from system to system we recommend that these expansion license be bound to a MOVEABLE MAC address device such as:

USB to NIC dongle
NIC (ethernet) board
Wireless device
Here are the steps to activating ( binding ) the PIKA license to the MAC address device.

How to bind licenses to a USB to NIC Dongle ( or moveable device ):

- Find out the MAC address of the USB/NIC dongle
- Go to webpage: http://activation.pikatech.com/ (http://activation.pikatech.com/)
- Enter in the license registration key, number of ports to activate, and MAC address ( select checkbox )
- Submit
- Create or open a "license.keys" file and add the license activation code to the file
- Save
- Copy file to the CONF folder or send to customer with the dongle

- Make sure there are no PIKA license.keys file by deleting or renaming it in the CONF folder.
- Identify the MAC address of the device you will be binding the license(s) to.
- Launch PikaLM and pick the MAC address you will be binding the license to

#4 - Single key activation
(If you can not see your MAC address in the list, double check to make sure there is no "license.keys" file in the CONF folder)
- Repeat step "c" if multiple keys need to be installed / bound to that MAC address.
- To move this license to a new PC or ship to a customer, both the dongle and the license.keys file need to be sent.