View Full Version : Audio real time considerations.

12-10-09, 04:54 PM
Audio real time considerations:

I would like to point out some of the real time considerations that your application should have when using Pika low level api.

1) Audio file locations:
Audio Play - When playing generic prompts over and over again it is most efficient to play from ram memory and not the hard drive. This cuts down on the I/O activity.

2) Audio file locations:
Audio record - When recording audio, it is best to record to the local drive first. If you need to move files over the network to another location, do this at a later time. This way the performance of the network won't affect your application during the real time recording of audio.

3) API Logging:
Under normal conditions api logging should not be on as it can affect system performance. When debugging it will be required but should not be on all the time.

4) The application:
- You should not use printf's in your application.
- Do not perform any tasks inside your event handler.

5) Database access:
If you retrieve/write a lot of data from/to the database within the same thread as the play/record, your play/record process could be affected.