View Full Version : How to use Enable Bypass mode.

11-02-09, 11:32 AM
This function tells the high-level API to ignore media events for the channel.
This function may be invoked on a channel when it is in the "In Use" state (PKX_EVENT_CHANNEL_IN_USE).
Depending on what you are using Bypass mode for, you may need your own queuing method and event processing function for the low level events.

No returned events required?
If you do not need to worry about returned events, you just call the function. You would call PKX_CHANNEL_GetBypassInfo and then implement your low level call.

Call control and media processing:
You will use GP for making and releasing calls (call control) and use Bypass during the call (media processing).
If a line uses media to signal a disconnect (ie. tones on the line), you have to look for and detect the tones (index0). Make sure they are not false tones, then disable bypass mode and let GP take control of the call. GP will determine if it is a disconnect and drop the call.