View Full Version : Can I mix compand mode in a single Pika system

10-29-09, 01:45 PM
Can I have both Mu-law compand mode and A-law companding mode in a single Pika AOB system?


The system will need to be set in a way some DSPs are set in A-law and others are Mu-law. And the application has to make sure the interface is using the DSP resource from the DSP device that has the same compand mode set.

If there is a need for a connection from an A-law interface to a Mu-law interface, switch connection will NOT do the job.

The trick is done through conferencing. You will need to enable conferencing on 2 separate streams on the SAME DSP. One DSP stream is set to A-law and the other to Mu-law.

When there is a need of connection between interfaces with different compand mode, the application needs to add them into a single conference group, the conference will convert both parties to PCM linear format. So they can talk.