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10-28-09, 10:22 AM
Hi there,

I'm just posting my message again, I accidentally posted under WARP.

I'll be glad if anyone can help me. We bought a couple of PIKA Digital T1/E1 DSP PCI cards about 5 years ago (not sure if the hardware has changed since then), but now we want to possibly move to using the PIKA Digital T1/E1 PCIe cards because most new server only support PCI-e.

My question is, can we switch to using the PCI-e cards, and if we can, do we need to rewrite our IVR software or is the API layer the same?

The one card I took out of one of our servers in the lab has a product number of PIK-99-80732

The drivers we currently use is the MonteCarlo version 6.2


10-28-09, 11:17 AM
Hello Henk,

You are currently using MC 6.2 ... the latest is MC 6.6.

The API's for the DSP boards ( MM ) and the HMP boards ( PCIe ) are based on different SDKs.

However, there is a High Level API ( Grand Prix ) on the HMP PCIe boards that would make porting fairly quickly !
-> Contact PIKA Support for guidance or JumpStart training.
-> Download: http://www.pikatechnologies.com/english/View.asp?x=977

Aside: There are PCI chassis vendors still out there at a reasonable price.
Some options can be found here: DAX and eMicroSmart

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