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09-29-09, 05:16 PM
Windows - AOH board detection:

If your AoH card is not seen when running AoH Test:

1) Open device manager and look for:
- Pika AOH Devices
- PIKA AOH HSP Virtual Device
- PIKA AOH PCI Digital (or Analog) GW Device

note - the Virtual Device is installed once at driver install, if this does not exist then reinstall the driver.

If there is no hardware (Digital or Analog) then you can "scan for hardware changes".
Let windows search for the driver automatically.

- Check to make sure the card is installed properly and is fastened into the chassis. The PCIe cards have a much smaller connector, make sure that there is proper contact when inserting card. Try other pci slots as well if having detection issues.

2) If step one has a card then you can run AoH Test
> system 0 open
> system 0 get boards