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09-29-09, 04:37 PM
In another post, we explained how to test analog FXO lines using the high-level test utility, gptest.

However, because it is a high-level API, GrandPrix executes a number of steps that are hidden from the user. Furthermore, errors in configuration files (pikagp.cfg and pikagp_aoh.cfg) can lead to unexpected operation at runtime.

Therefore, when debugging it is often important to be able to test at an even lower level. Using aohtest isolates problems in the configuration files and at the application level. In this post we explain how to test analog FXO lines using aohtest.

Before you begin: In order to use aohtest, you must first stop any other applications that may be using the PIKA drivers.


This test tells us whether the FXO hardware is able to see incoming calls.

- launch aohtest
# aohtest

enter the following commands:
> board 0 open
> trunk 0-3 open
> trunk 0-3 start

- make an inbound call

You should see TRUNK_RING_ON events.

- manually take the trunk off hook using the command
> trunk 0 offhook

- trunk should be answered (ringing events should stop)

- play an audio file (optional)
> channel 0 seize
> play 0 start /usr/bin/jingle.wav

Your aohtest output should look similar to the output below.

/persistent2/root # aohtest

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++
Comment: Standard Build
Compile date: Jul 16 2009 12:03:35
Copyright (c) 2009 PIKA Technologies Inc.

type 'help' for the list of supported functions
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++

> board 0 open

> trunk 0-3 open

> trunk 0-3 start

> TRUNK 0: received PKH_EVENT_TRUNK_RING_ON (p0 = 0x0, p1 = 0x0, p2 = 0x0)
TRUNK 0: received PKH_EVENT_TRUNK_RING_OFF (p0 = 0x0, p1 = 0x0, p2 = 0x0)

> trunk 0 offhook


> channel 0 seize

> play 0 start /usr/bin/jingle.wav

> PLAY 0: received PKH_EVENT_PLAY_IDLE (p0 = 0x504f, p1 = 0x0, p2 = 0x0)

> exit


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