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09-29-09, 04:21 PM

How to localize the asterisk "sounds" (other language of prompts, system messages)?

11-02-09, 06:24 PM
Asterisk users know that sound files are usually kept in the /var/lib/asterisk/sounds directory. If you look on the WARP, this directory is located at /persistent1/var/lib/asterisk/sound which may be linked to a folder on the SD card. You can create as many other directories as you need, such as de, nl, it, and so on for the storage of prompts in whatever language(s) you need.


Within these directories, the system prompts must be in the file names known to Asterisk. So, the file called /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/hello.ulaw will contain "Hello" whereas the file called /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/fr/hello.ulaw will contain "Bonjour".

The way you select the prompts to be used during a call is by specifying it in the concerned channel configuration file. In sip.conf and iax.conf, you can set the language in the [general] section of the files:

language=en ;default language

Or you can set the language for a given user:

language=fr ;user-specific language

Thus you can have a default language (as identified in the [general] section) and/or select a language for each specific user, and as a call comes in through that channel, the language will be set. Just remeber that the WARP uses ulaw files by default so you should download the appropriate prompts from Digium for your language.