View Full Version : Need Help About "Low Density Analog Board with DSPs"

07-08-08, 10:00 AM
I`am a .Net Programmer . My Company has a lot of this card
and we haven`t any Driver CD and manual of this cards .
I want to design an IVR system . Dose this card support
.net or Not . I found a .Net sample in site but it need
a pikagpapi.dll . I can`t find it . Please help US .

Thank you .

07-08-08, 10:00 AM
Hi Ali,

SDKs can be downloaded from PIKA's website:

http://www.pikatechnologies.com/english/View.asp?x=441 (http://www.pikatechnologies.com/english/View.asp?x=441)

If you are using the Low Density Analog Board with DSPs, then the SDKs you need are:
1) PIKA Low Level API 6.5
2) PIKA High Level API (GrandPrix) 1.3

Install the low-level API (and restart the computer) before installing the high-level API.

Sample configuration files for your board can be found in the following directory:
C:\Program Files\PIKA\GrandPrix\conf\templates\aob_inline

Copy these files into the "C:\Program Files\PIKA\GrandPrix\conf\" directory and you should be able to run the C# sample application.