View Full Version : Event is missing in PrimeNet card

07-08-08, 09:48 AM
Event is missing in PrimeNet card

what r the cases of missing events?
can we check this in Pika log folder?

if u have any solution relate to event tell me.


07-08-08, 09:48 AM
Hi Abhinav,

Which events are you missing? You can see ISDN messages and events in the PIKA log files.

Which SDK are you using? GrandPrix, or MonteCarlo?

(1) For the high-level SDK, GrandPrix 1.3, logging is enabled using the text-based configuration files in the "..\GrandPrix\conf" folder. In each of the two files: "pikagp.cfg" and "AOBPrimeNetMM.cfg", set "level=debug". High-level API calls will be logged in the "..\GrandPrix\logs" folder, while low-level ISDN messages are logged in the "..\MonteCarlo\logs" folder.

(2) For our low-level SDK, MonteCarlo 6.5, logging is enabled using "PikaSetup.exe" in the "..\MonteCarlo\bin" folder. Check all the boxes under "PIKA -> Advanced Logging -> ISDN Logging". Logs will be generated into the "..\MonteCarlo\logs" directory for recent versions of MonteCarlo, or to the "c:\PIKA\logs" directory for versions 6.3 and earlier.

If you need any help interpreting the logs, you can reach Pika Support at support@pikatech.com