View Full Version : Problem In Recording when two channels are connected with Full Duplex connection mode

Ram Narayan Mishra
05-18-09, 06:27 AM

I have created a full duplex connection between two channels. Now I want to
record the voice of these channels. After creating the full duplex or half
duplex connection between two channels, PKX_CHANNEL_RecordFile failed to
start recording. Can you please guide me the procedure to record these calls
without using conferencing methods.

Ram Narayan Mishra

05-19-09, 10:55 AM
In GrandPrix, if you want to connect two channels and record the conversation you must use a conference and record on a virtual channel as described in the PIKA_GrandPrix_2.x_Programmer's_Guide.pdf under Conferencing.

Eric Pretlac
Technical Support Specialist
PIKA Technologies

08-13-09, 03:26 AM

I had to do this kind of app. The only way is to do a conference.

You can record one of the 2 users with an half duplex connection (the recording channel listenning to the user) but you will here only one part of the call.

For more flexibility in my apps, i don't do full duplex connections anymore, i always use conferences. It maybe costs some time in the server but i can do what i want : Playing sounds, Recording or ... listenning;) !

Best Regards, Guillaume.