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05-12-09, 02:48 AM
Can i use the PIXA to replace a panasonic key system for four POTs lines.

I need to have Shared Line Appearance ,call waiting work and a different ring tone for each POTs number?


05-12-09, 10:10 AM
Q1: Shared Line Appearance.
A1: I’m imagining that in a SOHO, you have SIP phones with several lamps showing whether or not each line is in use, so you can see if you have any free lines to call out on. Asterisk does not support Shared Line Appearance on analog lines. Asterisk uses hunt-groups to select the next available FXO line to dial out on. It does not feedback line status to the user – the user must simply try to dial and if there is a free line, Asterisk will use it.

Q2: Call waiting.
A2: Call waiting is supported. The one caveat is that in order to signal the FXO line to do a hookflash, you press ## on your phone (instead of using the switch hook on your phone).

Q3: Different ring tone for each POTs number?
A3: Yes, you can give each FXO line it’s own distinctive ring pattern.

Eric Pretlac
Technical Support Specialist
PIKA Technologies

06-02-10, 12:56 PM
On FXS/POTS ports, I don't believe call waiting is working on Warp and by default only one ring pattern is possible - changing this would require a code change in the channel driver.