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04-02-09, 03:49 AM

I have a 4Spans card (Digital Gateway PCIe) with 60 channels license. I will have 2 E1 connected on the first 2 spans... So i will seize 60 channels !

Can i, if i plug 4 E1 on it, seize channels on the fly so I will get my 60 channels license on the 4 E1 ? (I know that the 61st seize that i'll made will fail ! In this case, i'll reject the call with a busy state)

i read that seizing channel by advance is best for performance, is it taking so much cputime ?

I'm asking it because we could need to plug E1 from another TELCO while the firsts are not full ...

Best regards, Guillaume.

04-22-09, 05:38 AM
I don't think seizing channels totally on the fly would work, because you would need the channels up for restarts and service acks to be processed when then channels become active.

Howerver, if you had (say) 4 fractionally equipped E1's with 15 active channels on each, I think you should be able to seize just the first 15 channels on each of 4 E1 spans - thus using up your allocation of 60 licences.

04-25-09, 02:18 PM
Ok, Thank you for answer !