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02-10-09, 04:41 PM
Question: Can you give me a simple set of aohtest commands that would be the minimum to get one span of EuroISDN E1 running to test ISDN startup and receiving of a call ?

Solution: This script should do the trick. If you copy this into a file called isdn_rcv.txt you can then run it from the aohtest command line using the following:

> script isdn_rcv.txt

# -------------------------------------------------------
# Script: isdn_rcv
# Parameters:
# inttype - {e1|t1} specifies the type of interface to configure the framers for
# numchans - number of channels that will be in use for the test
# Sample script invocation:
# script isdn_rcv.txt inttype=t1 numchans=192
# This script will configure a dual-board system to receive incoming
# calls from a remote computer.

# Configure the logging masks to output relavent log messages
log set masks api=0xffffffff isdn=0xffffffff span=0xffffffff

# Configure the physical devices
board 0 open
board 0 set config interface=e1 clockmode=slave
span 0 open
isdn 0 open 0
isdn 0 set config node=client
isdn 0 set config switch=net5 country=euroisdn

# Start the framers and wait until the ISDN groups linkup
isdn 0 start
span 0 start
wait 20000

# Restrict the console output to important messages only
isdn 0 set verbosity level=important

# Indicate that channels should autoanswer incoming calls
# Change channel range to match no. of ISDN licenses you have
# For example, if you have licenses for 1 span of ISDN (30 channels) use
# channel 0-29 seize
# channel 0-29 set config behavior=autoanswer
channel 0 seize
channel 0 set config behavior=autoanswer

02-18-09, 04:39 AM
Some additional useful information ...

a) If you're using this script for debugging and want to see all messages logged, remove the line that says "isdn 0 set verbosity level=important"

b) Note that AoH Test scripts need the first span to be called Span 0. When you come to write your app, the AoH/HMP api numbers spans from 1 (as shown on the back of the card).

c) If you place your script in a different directory, you will need to use '\\' as the directory delimiter. e.g. if the script is saved in the C:\ directory, run
> script C:\\isdn_rcv.txt

Hope that helps ...