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02-01-09, 09:57 AM
hello every body,
any one try to make IAX trunk between 2 Pika appliance using Asterisk GUI 2.1
as I try to make it
but the status in trunk
unregister or request sent
please any one know the steps to make IAX trunk without this problem
thanks for your best effort:)

02-02-09, 10:39 AM
Two Warp/Asterisk systems

IAX Trunk
IP address = xxx.xxx.xxx.34

This Warp/Asterisk system needs to register to another Asterisk system.

1) Invoke IAX trunk from Trunks->Voip Trunks configuration page. Add the following information.

Edit IAX Trunk 201
Provider Name: John
Hostname: xxx.xxx.xxx.66
Username: 201
Password: iaxtrunk
Security: no
Codecs: u-law, a-law, none, none, none

2) Add the following Outbound Calling Rules
Outbound Calling Rule Name: global
Pattern: _9X.
Use TrunkGroup: John
Strip _1_ digits from front

Meanwhile, on your other Warp/Asterisk system:

IAX Extension
IP address = xxx.xxx.xxx.66

System Status:
Shows extension 201 as Type IAX User

Add the following 201 User extension
User Extensions -> Edit

Edit User Extension 201
Name: 201
Technology: IAX (check-box)
Codecs Preference: u-alaw, a-law, None, None, None

VOIP Settings:
SIP/IAX password: iaxtrunk